Temporary Closure of Embassy

The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Oslo wishes to inform that further to our earlier Public Notice communicating restricted access to Consular Services, the Mission will now be closed to the General Public effective Monday, 16th March, 2020 until further notice in order to minimize person-to-person contact.


Additionally, persons who may have to travel to Ghana in emergency situations may apply for a visa-on-arrival from the Ghana Immigration Service in Accra through their representative in Ghana.

All enquiries/clarifications should be forwarded to the consular email; “consular@ghanaembassyoslo.no” for prompt response.

The inconvenience is deeply regretted.

2. The Government of Ghana has strongly discouraged all travel to Ghana until further notice

3. Important Notice to All Passport Applicants

4. Summary of President’s Address – 5th April, 2020

1. H.E. the President thanked all Frontline workers especially Health Workers.

2. He also thanked the security forces for enforcing the lockdown.

3. Steps are being taken to investigate the excesses by the security forces.

4. He condemned the false videos being circulated.

5. Government is working to achieve its 5 main objectives.

6. The confirmed cases of COVID-19 stands at 214 as at 5th April, 2020.

7. The week ahead is critical. Over 5,000 contacts traced results will be released.

8. Ghanaians should continue being patient as Government works to contain the spread of COVID-19.

9. He thanked all those involved in testing for COVID-19.

10. He informed that more than GHS8m has been realized from donations.

11. Government is working with others including Faith-based organization to provide food for about 400,000persons.

12. Government will absorb water bills for the next 3-Months of all Ghanaians.

13. More PPEs, hand Sanitizers etc will be distributed to all District hospitals.

14. There will be more local production of PPEs.

15. All health workers will not pay taxes on emoluments for the next 3 months.

16. There will be a 50% basic salary as allowance to all Frontline health workers.

17. There will be a clean-up in Greater Accra and Kumasi by the security forces.

18. The Ayalolo buses will convey health workers for free

#StayHome #ObserveSocialDistancing

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