The applicant will purchase Renunciation Forms from the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Oslo at a fee of NOK 1,600.

How to Apply

The completed Forms should be forwarded to the Embassy together with:

1. Formal application letter for renunciation of Ghanaian citizenship addressed to the Hon. Minister of the Interior, Accra, through this Embassy. This letter should indicate the name and current address of the applicant’s parents and whether he/she is indebted to the Government of Ghana by way of bond, scholarship or otherwise – documents should be submitted in English.

2. Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV)

3. Two (2) recent and identical passport size pictures

4. A letter of warranty from the state in which the applicant resides. The warranty should be translated in English if it is in any other language either than English, and both version submitted.

5. Evidence of not being indebted to the Ghana Government if applicant travelled for further studies abroad under Ghana Government Scholarship

6. Copy applicant’s Ghanaian Passport (Bio Data Page).

7. Return the completed application forms (together with the form copy) and the relevant documents together with a prepaid self-addressed envelope.

8. It may be pointed out that the renunciation becomes legal only after the Renunciation Certificate has been issued.


The Certificate would be signed by the Hon. Minister for the Interior and it would be released to the applicant upon release of his/her Ghana passport to the Mission.


Completed Application

Completed applications can be submitted at the Embassy either in person or posted to the address below:

Consular Section

Embassy Of Ghana

Akersgata 1 (5th Floor)

0158, Oslo


Processing Time

Please note that Renunciation processing time varies from applicant to applicant, and it is determined by the Ministry of the Interior – Accra.


1. Applicants are encouraged to arrange a self-addressed prepaid envelope or courier service for the return of the documents.

Method of Payment

a. Payment may also be made through a terminal device at the Embassy or by Certified Bank Cheque. All consular fees can be paid into DNB Account (details below). All bank charges/fees must be paid by the applicant. Please do not post cash!!

b. Applicants transferring money from a different bank either than DNB should be aware that it takes a couple of days before the transfer is effected. Applicant’s bank receipt does not necessarily mean the transfer has been successful since some of them end up transferring into wrong accounts.

c. To speed up processing of the application, applicants are advised to make payment directly at the nearest DNB and submit application with their receipt of payment.

Bank Transfer or Certified Bank Cheque

The Embassy accepts bank transfers paid into a DNB Account below:

For those outside Norway

     Bank Name : DNB


     IBAN          : NO38 1506 2064 878

For those in Norway

     Bank Name : DNB

     Account No : 1506 2064 878

DNB Address:

     Dronning Eufemias Gate 30,

     0021 Oslo


The Embassy wishes to inform all applicants to personally transfer application fees at any DNB office close to them.

Bank Charges

Money transferred from another bank other than a DNB will attract a transfer charge. Applicants are therefore advised to check and pay all bank charges to avoid shortage of application fees. Any application in which the Embassy is debited with bank charges will not be processed. Please check with your Bank.

The receipt of payment must accompany your application. Application Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE if the application is unsuccessful.